Sunday, 18 September 2011

You Rearrange My Mind....

Firstly, I should profusely apologise (again) for the lack of posts of late.  Things are taking their toll in this whirlwind life of mine (again); it doesn’t seem five minutes since I was looking around potential new houses and beating myself up over my lack of commitment to the date that never was, with Bob.  That was August.  I woke up this morning, surrounded by boxes, in the midst of my life, all packed up and ready to be shipped off to a new home and a new start, with nothing but the thought that September sure is shaping up to be something special.

Kitty leaves in less than two weeks for her big travelling adventure.  Cue a weekend in Devon saying Goodbye to her and her boyfriend before they officially jet off on September 25th, for up to a year.  How I will miss my surrogate sister, it will be strange not to have her in the country, safe and sound and just a phone call away, but she’ll be having the most incredible time doing something she has dreamed of and planned for so long, so for that I just want to wish her all the best on her travels and to say that I am so proud of her for making it all a reality.  Kitty, I love you very much and I will miss you terribly, please keep each other safe…and please bring back a souvenir…a cork hat perhaps…or Hugh Jackman?!

I also want to send a very public and heartfelt thank you to the generosity of Miss Paula Kelly, avid supporter of my Blog, work friend of the Travelling Kitty and selfless and lovely giver-upper of two beautiful vintage fur coats, which are now nestled in my wardrobe ready for colder climes.  I can’t believe you have been so lovely as to give them to me, having read that I wanted one for this Winter.  Thank you so much and I will find a way to return the favour! 

Well, all of this aside, I would be lying if I said there wasn’t another reason I had been a bit quiet on the Blog front of late and that, yes, that reason is somewhat boy-shaped.  Entirely boy-shaped as it happens!  You see, a funny thing happened on the way home from Camden a few weeks back, after a meet up with a friend at his gig, who I hadn’t seen in a short while, the funny thing being that I couldn’t stop thinking about him and it took a whole day before I realised how much I was enjoying our Twitter chats, or how little I was caring about the unknown faces in the vicinity that I would have fantasized about before.  Needless to say there was nothing straightforward about it, the circumstances would be tricky to say the least, the potential was maybe worth it and, it soon became clear, the feelings were reciprocated.  All new territory for a girl so obsessed with all things unobtainable and unreachable.  Which leaves only one question, what the hell am I supposed to write about now?

The trouble with writing something as open and honest as I do, is that I start to think that me and my wild imagination are capable of jinxing all those situations that I tend to scrutinize and analyse in my posts.  For so long now I have, in the deepest and darkest spheres of my over-active mind, blamed the Blog for the epic failings of so much that has gone before me.  So that’s all I can really bring myself to write about this new and strange and beautiful thing.

Fear not though, because not only is the mystery man very lovely, he is also some sort of literary knight in armour offering to guest write my next post, about us and about me.  I hope you don’t mind but I said yes.  Not only does it rid me of my own inner irrational fears of effing it all up with my typing; I guess it’s the one thing I have always been searching for when writing this, a glimpse into the male mind and all its trials and tribulations.  Even better, a glimpse into the mind of a man who seems to quite like me!  So it’s on its way and I do hope you enjoy our guest-writer’s musings, when they get here.  I promise it will be business as usual soon….